Christina Entcheva

Christina Entcheva

Alfa Art Gallery presents: “Christina Entcheva: Design & Illustration” – February 21, 2009


NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, January 07, 2009 – Christina Entcheva’s graphic design and illustration work will be exhibited for one night only at the Alfa Art Gallery on February 21, 2009 from 7 to 11pm. The event will feature Entcheva’s graphic design, illustrations, and sketches and will focus on the process behind the work. Ms. Entcheva will give a brief presentation, which will be followed by a Q&A session. Introducing the artist will be Natalie Trainor. Live music will be provided by Like Trains & Taxis.

Entcheva’s graphic design is mainly in the corporate, non-profit, and music industries. She focuses on a clean, linear style with an organic touch. She believes that graphic design is about uniting harmony and balance – color, scale, tension – everything working together in a subtle way. Her illustrations are an exploration of the opposite, capturing something slightly uncomfortable, yet still subtle enough to take a moment for recognition.

Natalie Trainor is a recent graduate of Rutgers College, where she studied art history under the likes of Catherine Puglisi, John Kenfield, Tanya Sheehan and Andres Mario Zervigon.

Like Trains & Taxis is a New Brunswick, NJ based band with one part soul, one part pop, one part jazz, and a dash of rock and roll tossed in for good measure.

Christina Entcheva is a communications professional with eight years of experience in graphic design, marketing, and PR. She has recently become enamored with illustration. She currently resides in New Brunswick, NJ.

The Alfa Art Gallery is located at 108 Church Street in New Brunswick; the hub-city in Central Jersey that historically connects New York and Philadelphia. Sandwiched between a Doric pilastered building and an iconic underground music venue, the Court Tavern and adjacent to the road Washington and his troops marched down during the Revolutionary War. The gallery boasts effervescence amongst the New Brunswick community and art scene and plays a vital role among visual-arts organizations locally, nationally and internationally by exhibiting, initiating, supporting, presenting, and preserving artists’ work, and by serving as a locus for interdisciplinary art and criticism.

Alfa Art Gallery
108 Church Street, New Brunswick, NJ
Christina Entcheva Design & Illustration

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